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, Invisalign Open Days In Addlestone – Big Savings!

Invisalign Open Days In Addlestone - Big Savings! - Dentist Surrey

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Have you ever taken a look at your teeth and thought that they would look better if they were nice and even? If you have, you may have considered having them straightened but been put off due to the visibility of many dental braces on the market. This is understandable but there is now a wide range of modern orthodontics which allow teeth to be straightened in a much less visible, more discreet way.

One of the most popular orthodontic systems currently available is Invisalign and, at our Addlestone Sync Dental Centres, we are offering patients a chance to have this treatment at a greatly reduced price if you attend our open days. Not only this, but we are also offering a FREE teeth whitening treatment as well.

Why straighter teeth? – A reminder

The main reason that most people want to have straighter teeth is for aesthetic reasons and there is no doubt that a straight and even smile is more attractive than a crooked one. First impressions count and whether you are going on a date or for a job interview, a great looking smile will do you no harm at all and will help to boost your confidence as well.

Straight teeth are also often healthier teeth. The fact is that they are easier to clean and food doesn’t become as easily trapped as it might if your teeth overlap for example. Naturally, you will still need to brush and floss well and see a dentist/hygienist on an ongoing basis, but straighter teeth will give you a better chance of them staying healthy.

Your Invisalign options

Invisalign orthodontics are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution. In fact, there are 3 package options that we have available for those attending our open days. Each is designed to be used according to the type and severity of the problem, and, of course, in all cases, the trays are produced for you and you alone, taken from impressions that we make of your own teeth.

The three packages available at the Sync Dental Centres are:

Invisalign i7

This is our fastest acting package and is designed for those who have very mild cases of crooked teeth. It contains just 7 trays and the course can be completed in as little as 3 months. This is a great way to make a significant cosmetic improvement to your smile in just a short time. In addition to this, and applicable to all packages, you will also receive a free teeth whitening treatment for an added sparkle.

The cost of this package for those attending our open days is £1700.

Invisalign lite

For those whose smile is too crooked for the i7 package but doesn’t require the full Invisalign treatment, this is a good solution. It may take a little longer than the i7 package but can still be completed in 7 months in many cases. This will depend on each individual’s case of course. Again, this package includes a free teeth whitening procedure, itself usually costing £395, so this is a great opportunity to have a great looking smile at a reasonable price.

The cost of this package for those attending our open days is £2750.

Invisalign full

This is the treatment that many people are more familiar with. It is designed to treat complex and more significant cases of uneven teeth and accordingly, does take longer with treatment times ranging approximately from 12 – 17 months. As Invisalign orthodontics use clear aligners, this offers a discreet long term way to have nice, even looking teeth. The finishing touch of a free teeth whitening treatment at the end of treatment will leave you with a smile that you may not have once thought possible.

The cost of this package for those attending our open days is £3700.

We recommend that you take a look at our Invisalign open day page for full details of this offer which includes other benefits that are provided with it.

As always, our Addlestone dental team is happy to discuss any cosmetic dentistry issues that you might have. With the range of treatments that we are able to offer you, we are confident that we can help you to have a smile to be proud of!  Treatments include not only Invisalign and other orthodontics, but also teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and dental implants, meaning that even the most challenging aesthetic problems can now be transformed into a greatly improved smile.

If you would like to book your free Invisalign open day consultation, please do so using the form at the bottom of the page linked above and one of our team will get back to you regarding your place.

For other general dental advice or to make an appointment to see a dentist at the Sync Dental Centre in Addlestone, please call us on 01932 856541. Our team will be delighted to help!

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