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Check Ups – Helping you look after your oral health

Keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy with regular check-up appointments

Well-established regular care

The most common reason to visit your dentist is for your routine examination. These check ups are essential to your on-going dental care as they give us the chance to fully assess your mouth, teeth and gums for any issues. We ensure our check up is thorough so we can lower the risk of any future problems, and minimise the need for further treatments.

Why are routine check ups so important?

Prevention is always better than cure, so letting us look at your teeth and gums regularly allows us to spot any signs of potential problems before they get a chance to get worse. Some issues can worsen over time, needing more drawn out and costly treatment to fix further down the line. Your regular check ups can help prevent this from happening.

What can I expect at my check up?

During your appointment, we will examine and assess your teeth, gums and mouth, checking:

We will also check any previous treatment you have had, including fillings, crowns and bridges, to ensure they are still in good condition.

We will ask about your general health and if you have experienced any problems since your last check up, allowing you to raise any concerns you may have. To keep your teeth in excellent condition at home, we will share tips and advice on the best cleaning techniques at home.

If we find anything that requires treatment, we will devise a treatment plan for you, including the best course of action and expected costs.

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How often do I need a check up?

We recommend visiting for a routine examination every six months, or at least annually depending on each patient’s individual circumstances. Your dentist will let you know when you need to return for your next appointment.

If you experience any problems or have any concerns between your check ups, please get in touch to arrange an earlier visit.

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