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Periodontics – Keeping your gums happy and healthy

Periodontal consultations from £170

Results – Patients may feel immediate improvement, but complete success will take the total suggested treatment time, which will be confirmed in the consultation

Available at: Addlestone / Chertsey / Parkside / Roseneath

How much does periodontal treatment cost?

Periodontal consultation (60m)
from £170.00
Professional mechanical plaque removal (30m)
from £200.00
Professional mechanical plaque removal (40m)
from £297.00
Professional mechanical plaque removal (60m)
from £400.00
Root resection surgery (90m)
from £600.00
Application of emdogain
from £180.00
Crown lengthening surgery (60m)
from £500.00
Suture removal and review
Review of periodental status (30m)
from £125.00
Periodontal maintenance
from £125.00
Periodontal surgery (90m)
from £500.00
Periodontal plastic surgery (90m)
from £800.00
Bone graft material with membrane
from £450.00
Local drug delivery
from £50.00

*If you would like a periodontal consultation to assess your periodontal condition, please speak to one of the reception team, and they can get you booked in.
*We do require a 50% deposit upon booking; this amount would be £85.00.

Our periodontal clinicians

At Sync Dental, we’re dedicated to giving you the very best dental care and service. We are fortunate to have many clinicians with a specialism or special interest in periodontics, all of whom provide the expert treatment you need for manageing your gum health.

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Dr Emily Lu

Specialist in Periodontics
BDS(Otago), MClinDent(KCL), MPerioED
GDC: 256388

I am a Consultant Specialist in Periodontology at Guy’s Hospital and Clinical Lecturer at the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences, King’s College London.

I completed my specialist training in Periodontology at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, and achieved a Masters in Clinical Dentistry from King’s College London and Membership in Periodontics from the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. I continued my passion for academia and was subsequently awarded a PhD in Periodontology from King’s College London. I am the recipient of multiple prestigious research prizes and my work has been published internationally. My research interest is in the use of novel biomaterials including platelet rich fibrin for periodontal regeneration.

I am an examiner for the Membership in Periodontics, Royal College Surgeons Edinburgh and England; and an Educational Supervisor for Periodontics Specialty training at Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

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    Dr Alaa Guni
  • BDS King's College London 2014
  • Specialist in Periodontics
  • Addlestone, Chertsey, Roseneath
  • GDC: 251133
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Dr Alaa Guni

Specialist in Periodontics
Addlestone, Chertsey, Roseneath
BDS King's College London 2014
GDC: 251133

Alaa graduated from King’s College London in 2014 with Honours and awarded the prestigious Maurice Wohl prize. Alaa has also received many commendations for oral surgery, restorative and periodontal care during his 5-year training.

Alaa completed his MClinDent in Periodontology being mentored by world leading periodontists and is experienced in surgical and non-surgical treatments. He has authored in dental education and published in peer reviewed journals in relation to his field of periodontology.

Alaa has a passion for education and mentoring the younger generation of dentists to ensure they are as fully equipped for the future challenges in the lifelong career of dentistry. Hence, he has lectured and taught at university as well as being involved in workshops to impart his experience and knowledge to the next generation of dentists.

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    Dr Bruno Delaunay
  • DipChD Lorraine 2016
  • Associate Dentist with a special interest in Periodontics
  • Parkside
  • GDC: 268461
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Dr Bruno Delaunay

Associate Dentist with a special interest in Periodontics
DipChD Lorraine 2016
GDC: 268461

Dr Bruno Delaunay was born in France, qualified in Nancy, graduated from the Faculty of Dental Surgery in Lorraine in 2016, and is fluent in English and French.

After graduation, Bruno moved to London and became GDC registered in 2017. While working as an aesthetic restorative dentist in private practices around London, he kept developing his knowledge in conservative dentistry. He obtained a postgraduate certificate in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry with Distinction from the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute.

He then decided to focus on one field and completed a three-year full-time Master’s Degree in Clinical Dentistry (MCD) in Periodontology in September 2023 at the Eastman Dental Institute.

During his speciality training, Bruno developed his clinical expertise in manageing treatments of patients with advanced periodontal diseases using a wide range of treatments from non-surgical therapy up to complex periodontal regeneration. Bruno also acquired extensive knowledge in treating gingival recession and replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

The advanced training he received at Eastman is one of the few international programs accredited by the European Federation of Periodontology.

Bruno is dedicated to his patients and aims to provide ethical and high-quality dentistry within a multi-disciplinary approach.

What are periodontal issues?

The health of your gums is essential to your overall oral wellbeing. Gums act as the foundation to your smile, providing crucial support and protection to your teeth. If plaque and bacteria is left in your mouth, and not effectively cleaned away, it can attack your gum tissues and lead to gum disease.

Periodontal gum disease is progressive. The early stage of the condition is known as gingivitis, which can be reversed with a thorough dental cleaning and good brushing and flossing habits. If left untreated, however, gingivitis can progress into the more advanced form, periodontitis. This requires more advanced treatment with our experienced clinicians.

What does a periodontist do?

A periodontist focuses on the health of your gums, jawbone and supporting tissues, and provides specialist treatment to prevent, diagnose and treat advanced gum disease. They have undergone further training and have many years of experience in the field, giving them the expertise to successfully treat issues with your gums and jawbone. By seeing a specialist periodontist, you can be assured that your oral health is in safe hands.

Why do periodontal issues need to be treated?

If periodontal issues are left, the condition will continue to get worse, leading to receding gums, deteriorating bone and ultimately to tooth loss. Although it cannot be reversed, periodontitis can be managed with effective treatment, and even stabilised if treated early enough. Our experienced clinicians are best suited to helping prevent aggressive periodontitis from causing further damage, and giving you tailored advice and information to keep up the hard work at home.

The periodontal process at Sync Dental


Your thorough periodontal consultation involves an assessment of your gum health, the progression of your gum disease, a discussion of your treatment options and expected timeframes.

Payment options and booking appointments

Our Treatment Coordinator takes you through the payment options available, including 0% finance, and answers any of your questions. Once you are happy to proceed, we book your next appointments.

Periodontal treatment

One of our expert clinicians thoroughly cleans your teeth and gums to prevent or minimise damage to the surrounding tissue and bone. You also receive tailored tips and advice.

Periodontal review

During your periodontal review, we assess the progress you have made during periodontal treatment and talk through how you can keep this up.

Our payment options at Sync Dental

We are pleased to offer you flexible ways to pay for your treatment and help make it more affordable.

0% dental finance can be used for any of our treatments over 6, 10 or 12 months. It’s really easy to apply and you can be approved straight away.

Self-pay involves paying a 50% deposit on booking and the remaining balance at each appointment.

9.9% dental finance can be spread over 24,36, 48 or 60 months, allowing you to space your payments as suits you best.

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