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, Six Month Smile

Six Month Smile – A faster way to straight teeth

Treatment from £2300
Results in 6 months
Available at: Addlestone / Parkside / Pyrford

Innovative, discreet and effective treatment

A clear brace system, Six Month Smiles can effectively straighten teeth in an average of just six months – as the name suggests!

This short-term solution focuses solely on the front six to eight teeth that show when you smile, rather than the complete arches. It uses advanced technology to discreetly realign your teeth, concentrating on the cosmetic appearance rather than position of your bite. The Six Months Smiles treatment can be used to address a number of issues and results are achieved much faster than with traditional braces.

Why choose Six Month Smiles?

What does the treatment involve?

During an initial consultation, we will carry out a thorough assessment of your teeth and discuss the results you are hoping to achieve from treatment. Photographs and scans will be taken of your teeth so your brackets and wires can be custom-made.

When ready, we attached the brackets to your teeth using a dental cement, before putting the wires into place. We will invite you for regular check and adjustment appointments every 5-6 weeks.

Once treatment is complete, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your newly straightened teeth in place.

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