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Fed Up With That Gap In Your Teeth?

Fed Up With That Gap In Your Teeth? - Dentist Surrey

Dental implants may be the ideal solution for you!

There are also good practical reasons to replace a missing tooth. The fact that a gap exists where the tooth once was means that other teeth can start to encroach into that space, leaving small spaces of their own. Over time this can lead to your teeth becoming crooked and uneven.

Tooth replacement options

It is likely that a lot of people believe that dentures are the only way to replace a missing tooth. This was certainly true at one time but bridges have also been used for some time too. Both of these offer aesthetic improvements as well as a degree of practical benefits. In our opinion though, neither come close to the benefits of dental implants which we are pleased to provide at the Sync Dental Centres in Addlestone. As our aim is to offer impartial advice to our customers, it is only fair that we allow you to choose a solution which suits you most, guided by our professional advice. Below, we offer a brief guide to these three tooth replacement options and, of course, we are always happy to discuss any of these in more detail with you to help you to make up your mind.


This is one of the most widely used methods of replacing missing teeth. Modern dentures are much improved on older style ones and offer a reasonably effective replacement, aesthetically. From a comfort perspective, they are also improved with some now available which flex with the movement of your mouth. Despite this, some people do still find them a little uncomfortable, occasionally causing sore gums. They may also move around in the mouth a little and lack the stability that most wearers would ideally want. You may also find that you start to avoid some foods because they are a little difficult to eat. Cleaning can also be a little fiddly and requires removal of the dentures from your mouth. On the plus side, dentures are one of the most affordable options and typically do not require invasive dental surgery.


Bridges offer more stability than dentures and enable you to comfortably eat a wider range of foods than dentures usually do. There are drawbacks though in that the crowns that are fitted to support the replacement tooth, or teeth, have to be attached to the existing teeth either side of the gap. Unfortunately, this does require the shaping of these teeth in order for this to happen. Understandably, some of you may be reluctant to have this done to healthy teeth.

Bridges are more easily cleaned than dentures and remain in the mouth whilst doing so. However, additional care is needed to clean beneath and around the bridge to help prevent gum disease and infections from occurring.

Dental implants

Although these have not been around as long as either dentures or bridges, they are becoming increasingly popular and are often the first choice for those seeking a tooth replacement. They can be used for individual or multiple teeth and can even be used to replace a full arch of missing teeth. They are generally considered to be the most realistic tooth replacement option available.

Unlike bridges and dentures, implants do not simply ‘sit’ above the gum line but are placed into the bone in the jaw. This, in effect, provides an artificial tooth root which the other two methods lack. It is this that gives them both strength and stability that other options simply can’t match.

Dental implants are straightforward to maintain too and can be cleaned as you currently do, with good quality brushing and flossing as well as a professional check and clean by a dental hygienist every six months or so.

Although implants do require dental surgery to place them, they are very long lasting and with good care, you should expect 20 years or more service from them. You can also eat anything that you want with no concern about their stability and it is this strength and longevity which makes them a popular option. Although teeth implants are not the cheapest of the three options available, the Sync Dental Centres does offer a range of finance plans to help you spread the cost of your treatment. We are always happy to discuss this or any other aspect of your treatment.

If you are unhappy with the gap in your teeth and would like to discuss these options further with us, please call our Addlestone dental practice on 01932 856541.

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