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, Smile Direct ClubThe recent news about Smile Direct Club’s bankruptcy might have left you uncertain about your ongoing orthodontic options. Here at Sync Dental, we’re ready to provide the support and continuity you need.

Invisalign is a more robust teeth straightening treatment compared to the Smile Direct Club offering, and we have a team dedicated to maintaining your oral health and ensuring your smile journey progresses seamlessly.  Sync Dental and Dr Shaimil Patel are Invisalign Diamond Apex providers – this means the practice is in the top 1% of providers in Europe, so you know you are in good hands.

Here’s how we can help:

  • Personalised Invisalign Treatment: Our dentists excel in crafting tailored Invisalign plans that suit your unique needs. From the very start to your final smile, we’ll be by your side, ensuring your treatment is exactly right for you.
  • Continuous Progress Monitoring: Regular check-ups and adjustments are key to successful Invisalign treatment. Our committed team will continuously monitor your progress, making necessary tweaks to guarantee optimal results.
  • Guidance Through Transition: We know changing from Smile Direct Club to a new provider may be overwhelming. We will guide you through this process, addressing your concerns and providing the necessary support.
  • 10% off Invisalign treatment (for Smile Direct Club patients)


Contact us today to schedule a FREE Smile Consultation. Together, we’ll ensure your smile journey continues smoothly and successfully.

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