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Denplan Care: Plans to help you pay for your dental care

We are proud to offer Denplan payment plans at Sync Dental Centres, helping our patients access the highest standard of private dental care through monthly payments.

Plans to help you pay for your dental care

Sync Dental Centres offer Denplan as a means to breach the gap between NHS and private dental care. Many people are looking to achieve the highest standard of dental care for themselves and their loved ones, but may not be able to afford the private price tag that is often associated with that care, and don’t have the capacity to pay significant unforeseen sums of money. We are happy to provide this as a solution to our valued patients.

At Sync Dental Centres we offer Denplan Care and Denplan Essentials, in addition to plans for children.

Denplan essentials covers all your routine dental appointments with a low cost monthly payment, packages starting at £8.75 PCM, depending on your categorisation which is done purely on the state of your dentition in your routine dental appointment, you then receive a 10% discount for any treatment required.

Denplan care covers all of your routine appointment costs, in addition to any necessary treatment costs, aside from lab fees and specialist treatment fees, packages start from £21.47 PCM.

denplanOur plans for children start at only £7.50PCM and offer you the peace of mind that your child is receiving the best possible care for their oral health in their early years, and the tools to equip them to look after their oral health in later life. plans for children include routine examinations, scale and polishing, x-rays, composite fillings, fissure sealants and extractions in addition to emergency appointments.

Dental insurance options are included on an ‘opt in’ or ‘opt out’ basis within both of these packages. Therefore if you go abroad or even somewhere out of a 40 mile radius from your practice and find yourself in a compromised situation, in which you require emergency dental care, this will be reimbursed by Denplan. In situations where you find yourself not being able to pay and then receive reimbursement, you will receive an upfront payment to cover these costs from Denplan directly.

Denplan Fees
Multiple Plans Available
Denplan Care
From £19.77
Denplan Essentials
From £8.75
Denplan for Children
From £7.50
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