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Composite Bonding – Improve the shape or look of your teeth

Treatment from £220 per tooth
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Available at: Addlestone / Chertsey / Guildford / Harley Street / Parkside / Pyrford / Roseneath

What is composite bonding?

Bonding is a cost-effective cosmetic dentistry treatment which uses dental grade composite to reshape the teeth. It can improve the aesthetics of discoloured or misshapen teeth and even be used to close gaps between teeth.

Composite is a dental resin made from a combination of plastic and glass. It can perfectly match tooth enamel and can be colour-matched to your natural teeth to ensure it fits in seamlessly. Our restorative dentistry experts can build composite directly onto your tooth, so there is no need to remove any of your natural tooth structure to make room for it.

What does the treatment involve?

We first dry your tooth and prepare it with a special acidic gel. This creates a rough surface for the composite to properly bond to.

We apply the composite in layers, gradually building up to the desired shape. It is then hardened. The treatment is completely pain-free, with no drilling or anaesthetic required.

We then give your tooth a thorough polish and shine so it looks just like a natural tooth.

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Looking after your restored tooth

Composite bonding is not as durable as treatments such as veneers, but is effective and affordable for many. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene at home will keep your tooth lasting for as long as possible.

The restored tooth can easily be repaired if necessary, and regular polishes by your dentist or hygienist will keep your smile looking beautiful.

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