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, Create that summertime smile all year-round with tooth whitening

Create that summertime smile all year-round with tooth whitening - Dentist Surrey

Autumn is snapping at our heels, with the leaves changing colour and darker evenings drawing in. However, there is one way you can keep a bright, summery feeling for longer and that’s by lightening up your smile with our safe, effective teeth whitening treatments.

As we age, our teeth become susceptible to staining and as the enamel thins, it starts to show the yellow inner dentine more. This means our teeth become darker and may start to lose their sparkle. Lifestyle choices such as drinking coffee, tea, and red wine, smoking, and certain medications also contribute to the problem. Here at Sync Dental Centres, we can help combat this with our whitening procedures.

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments at our dental practices in Surrey. A whiter, brighter smile can make an enormous difference to the way you look and feel. Patients often feedback to us that teeth whitening has boosted their confidence and has made them feel proud to smile once more.

The first step to beautifully bright teeth is to come and see us for a consultation, so we can check if you are a suitable candidate. It’s worth noting that restorations such as veneers, bridges, and crowns are not affected by whitening. Most people can have teeth whitening and it’s seen as a highly cost-effective cosmetic dental treatment. We offer both in-surgery and at-home teeth whitening.

, Create that summertime smile all year-round with tooth whitening

Home Whitening

This is a great choice if you want to have a little control over when and where you whiten your teeth. We take impressions of your teeth and use these to make mouldable, clear mouth trays that will fit your teeth perfectly.

Once your trays are made, we will invite you back to the surgery and will demonstrate how to use the mouth trays and the special whitening gel effectively at home. The trays can be worn overnight or for a short period during the day. The desired shade should be achieved within a few weeks, and you’ll be able to show off your new whiter, brighter smile.

Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten Teeth Whitening uses an effective combination of home and in-surgery whitening. You will be given your Enlighten whitening trays, which have been customised to fit your teeth and gums perfectly. These should be worn overnight for two weeks. After that, you will come and see us and have an in-surgery teeth whitening treatment.

Enlighten whitening can lighten up to 16 shades and it’s the only teeth whitening treatment that can reach Vita Shade B1. The treatment is completely safe, and the materials used have been in dentistry for over 100 years. You may experience a bit of tooth sensitivity, but this can be helped with desensitising tooth serum and swabs and will lessen.

As with all types of teeth whitening, the effects are not permanent, but if you keep hold of your unique mouth trays, you can reuse these with some newly purchased gel for a handy top-up. Also, steer clear of all those stain devils and keep discolouration at bay with plenty of brushing!

A Safer way to Shine!

At Sync, you are in the safe and experienced hands of fully trained dental professionals. We are a registered dental practice and make patient safety our priority. Unregulated whitening can cause problems, such as tooth sensitivity and it’s illegal for non-dental professionals to perform teeth whitening.  Please keep yourself safe and have teeth whitening completed safely.

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