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, Brighten Up Your Smile For Spring!

Brighten Up Your Smile For Spring! - Dentist Surrey

As the duller days recede, is now the time to start thinking about a smile boost?

Although at the time of writing this blog the weather is looking very Autumnal, we have at least recently had a glimpse of the sunnier weather that hopefully lies ahead. Many of our Sync Dental Centres patients will have noticed blossoms and buds appearing in their gardens, bringing with it the promise of brighter and warmer weather. In addition to this, the vaccine rollout is going well and there is every likelihood that in a short while, we will be starting to get our lives back to something approaching normality.

With this improvement in both weather and circumstances, we will hopefully start to meet with friends again, going out to parties and restaurants and probably meeting new friends as well. Naturally, we will want to look our best for this and given the fact that many of us will largely have lived at home for the last year, lots of us will be looking to refresh our wardrobes. There are other things that you may wish to consider ‘refreshing’ too; one of which is your smile.

A new smile for Spring

Lockdown and the various restrictions may have taken their toll on the way that your teeth look. Even those of you who regularly see the hygienist or have their teeth whitened may not have done so, preferring to avoid contact with people as much as possible. Some of us will have resorted to drinking more tea and coffee, and maybe even wine, all of which are known to stain our teeth.

Although good quality brushing will help to slow the staining process down, it won’t eliminate it entirely and you will need the help of one of our Addlestone cosmetic dental team to restore your teeth to their former glory. Whilst there may be some patients whose teeth are now very stained or discoloured and may even require veneers to restore them, the majority will probably be able to restore the whiteness of their teeth using a non-invasive, more accessible method.

Dental hygienist

In the first instance, we recommend that you arrange an appointment with our hygienist. This is a very good idea anyway as it plays an important role in maintaining healthy gums. The scaling and polishing of the teeth can also remove some surface staining and may even be sufficient for those with very light discolouration caused by surface stains. For most people though, the best way forward is to have a teeth whitening procedure. Not only will this help to remove surface staining but will also lighten the inner part of the teeth that darkens over time. No other method will do this. There are two ways in which this treatment can be applied; at home, or within our practice.

At home teeth whitening

Some of our Addlestone patients prefer this method of treatment for the convenience that it offers, enabling them to whiten their teeth whilst they watch TV or read, all in the comfort of their own home. There should be little or no difference in the results, whether you do this at home or in our practice and it all comes down to a personal choice. For the ‘at home’ method, you will need to visit us so that we can take impressions of your teeth from which the trays that fit over your teeth will be made. We will also discuss your requirements so that your preferred level of whiteness can be achieved.

When the trays, which are produced at a dental laboratory, are returned to us, you will be provided with these and a whitening gel, along with instructions for their use and can then return home. Although this is not such a fast acting method as an in-house teeth whitening treatment, you should start to notice the difference within a week, with the full results being seen shortly afterwards.

We are always available during the course of this treatment, should you have any questions or queries.

In-house teeth whitening treatments

Alternatively, many patients prefer the in-house version of this treatment that we offer. Whilst the end results are the same or very similar, having this performed in the presence of a trained professional means that you can go from having discoloured and dull teeth to beautiful white teeth in just a single hour. To do this, we will protect your lips and gums to prevent any risk of irritation from the whitening gel. The gel will then be applied to your teeth and activated using a special light. You will need to remain in the dental chair for the duration of this treatment whilst it takes effect. Once the hour is up, any gel will be removed from your teeth and you should instantly notice a significant improvement in the whiteness of your teeth.

Looking at the weather now, it might seem hard to believe but sunnier and warmer days are ahead, so why not give your teeth a whitening boost to welcome it! To arrange a teeth whitening appointment at the Sync Dental Centres, please call us on 01932 856541.

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