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Teeth Whitening – Professional treatment to transform your smile

Treatment from £450
Results immediately to a few weeks

Available at: Addlestone / Chertsey / Guildford / Harley Street / Parkside / Pyrford / Roseneath

A simple way to achieve a bright, beautiful smile

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic treatments for a reason. A brighter, whiter smile can make a huge difference to the way you look and feel, boosting your confidence and helping you to smile again.

Why do teeth become dull?

Teeth can become dull and stained for a number of reasons, including consuming some food and drinks, smoking, aging and certain medications and illnesses. Having your teeth professionally whitened helps to remove the stains that day-to-day brushing doesn’t touch. We use efficient modern techniques and technology to help you achieve a beautiful white smile.

At Sync, you are in the safe and experienced hands of fully trained dental professionals.

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At Home Whitening

We offer professional whitening treatment for patients who would prefer the convenience of being able to whiten their teeth at home, and still achieve a stunning smile.

At your appointment, we will take moulds of your teeth, which are then used to create custom whitening trays for you. The trays are shaped to protect your gums and effectively hold the gel which whitens your teeth.

Once your trays have been made, we will invite you for another appointment. We will show you how to use the special whitening gel efficiently and talk you through what to do at home. The treatment takes a few weeks and leaves you with whiter teeth, with results comparable to those achieved with the in-clinic option.

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