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, Younger Looking Skin For The Spring?

Younger Looking Skin For The Spring? - Dentist Surrey

2021 will hopefully be a better year for our Addlestone patients and give us all reasons to smile!

Few of us will have found many reasons to laugh or smile over the last year. Without a doubt, it was a terrible year and sadly some of us may have lost friends or relatives who succumbed to Covid-19. Others will have been affected by it either through illness or through the effect on jobs or even lack of social interaction.

Most of us are keeping our fingers crossed for 2021 and whilst the numbers are currently very bad indeed, there are glimpses of light with the vaccination programme now starting to gather pace. Eventually, our lives will start to become a little more like what they used to be.

With all the worry and stress of last year, it is likely that some of us will have noticed new ‘frown lines’ appearing on our faces. The lack of fresh air and possibly a less healthy diet caused by lockdown and comfort eating may well have left our skin looking less than youthful.

Optimism for Spring

With the current high levels of Covid-19 and the dull relentless grey and damp weather, it may be hard to imagine the better days ahead. Eventually though, many of us will have had our vaccines and the sun will be shining (well, some days anyway, after all, this is the UK!) It may even feel like we are emerging from our cocoons when we finally start to socialise with our friends again.

When the time comes, it makes sense that we will want to look our best and, no doubt, many of us will be spending on clothes and fashion items again for the first time in what seems like ages. What better time than now then, to start to think about what we can do to look our best?

Lose the wrinkles

A lack of fresh air and sunshine may well have left us looking a little tired and our skin more wrinkled than usual. We do offer a range of beauty treatments at Sync Dental Centres that can help to refresh the skin, but for those of you who have noticed an increased number of lines and wrinkles on your face, our facial aesthetic treatments are just what you need to restore your youthful looks.

Which facial aesthetic treatments are available?

The main techniques used as part of a facial aesthetics treatment are Botox and dermal fillers. Although these are both applied in the same manner, via a very fine needle, they serve different purposes and which treatments you need can be discussed with our experienced team, along with the results that you hope to attain.

Botox may have come under fire for some rather extreme results, as you will no doubt have seen in the media, especially where celebrities are involved. Please be assured that these treatments are safe when applied correctly. Our team is caring and professional and reserves the right to refuse treatment that we feel is either not safe or is extreme. You will not suffer from ‘trout pout’ or a ‘frozen face’ when you come to our Addleston dental clinic for your treatment.


Botox works when injected into the affected areas by blocking certain chemical signals to the brain. This enables the facial muscles to relax and helps in reducing the number and extent of any facial wrinkles.

It can be used to treat a significant number of issues, including:

  • Forehead lines
  • Frown lines
  • Lines across the bridge of your nose
  • Crow’s feet
  • Chin ‘dents’

It can also be used to lift the eyebrows and improve the general appearance of your skin.

Dermal fillers

Although applied in the same manner as Botox, dermal fillers are essentially used to replace the lost collagen that occurs as we age. Lack of this can cause issues with thinning lips. sagging cheeks etc. Using dermal fillers can help to replace these and fill out the lips and cheeks more. They can also be used to soften the appearance of some types of scarring.

Does it hurt? .. Is it safe?

These are common questions that patients ask us. In brief, the answer is No and Yes!  From a pain perspective, there is very little indeed. Naturally, any piercing of the skin may cause a little discomfort but this is very minimal and the fine needle used ensures that most patients experience little more than a pricking sensation as the needle is placed just beneath the skin in the relevant areas.

Is it safe? Absolutely. Our team is fully trained and will discuss any health issues with you that might affect this treatment. For example, those with certain neurological conditions may not be suitable for these treatments along with those who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Although there is no actual medical evidence that it is unsafe during pregnancy, it is advised that those in this situation do not have this treatment. Indeed, during pregnancy, both weight and fluid balance can change and may affect the appearance of any treatments that you have. For those who are pregnant and want to look their best, we recommend that you take a look at our spa and beauty treatments until such a time that you can safely have facial aesthetic enhancements.

If you would like any advice from our facial aesthetics or cosmetic dental teams, we are always happy to offer help and advice. To contact us, please call the Sync Dental Centres in Addlestone on 01932 856541.

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