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Long Lasting, Natural Smile with Veneers in Addlestone | Dental Blog

Ideal for correcting flaws in your teeth, porcelain veneers offer an excellent solution for a great looking smile!

We suspect that a number of you may have wondered how the seemingly endless number of  TV celebrities all seem to have perfect looking teeth? If so, we are going to let you into a little secret; they have almost certainly paid to have them look that way. Very few people have naturally perfect looking teeth, and even if they do, factors such as age will gradually start to discolour them.

Most of us will not only find that our teeth become duller in colour as we grow older, but that they are likely to suffer from small cracks and chips of the surface which can deter from an otherwise attractive smile. A teeth whitening procedure can help with the discolouration and give you whiter teeth, but it won’t do anything for the cracks and chips we may have. Indeed, it may highlight these even more.

So, how do celebrities attain that perfect smile? The answer often lies in dental veneers.

A brief history

Modern veneers such as those provided by the Sync Dental Centres in Addlestone are semi-permanent and can typically last for approximately ten years with good care, before needing to be replaced. This hasn’t always been the case though and veneers were originally seen as a temporary solution for Hollywood actors whose teeth were less than attractive. It is worth remembering that many actors such as Humphrey Bogart were regular smokers and almost certainly would have had fairly heavily stained teeth.

In general scenes in a film, this wouldn’t have been a major problem, but for those close up romantic kisses that Hollywood was so famous for, it certainly was. This was a major problem for filmmakers until Dr Charles Pincus came up with the idea of attaching an artificial surface to the front of the teeth.

These original veneers would have served a practical purpose and simply been stuck to the front of the teeth in a temporary manner and would not have had the longevity of dental veneers today.

Modern veneers

Like all dental innovations that are currently in use, veneers have become more refined over the years, making them stronger and thinner, requiring the removal of less tooth enamel than earlier versions. Dental veneers are predominantly made from porcelain although they can also be made from composite or even gold if required.  In some respects they can be thought of as false fingernails for the teeth. There is a key difference though. Whilst some veneers can simply be attached to the front of the teeth, most require prior treatment of the stained, chipped or cracked teeth.

This part of the procedure is performed using a local anaesthetic and a fine layer is shaved away from the tooth surface. Impressions are then taken of the prepared teeth which are used to produce the veneers. Patients will be provided with temporary veneers for a week or so whilst these are made, in order to protect the teeth. Once the veneers are returned to our Addlestone cosmetic dental team, the temporary veneers will be removed and the new veneers attached using a strong dental adhesive.

Finally, to make your new veneer covered teeth look as natural and perfect as possible, any excess material is trimmed away and the veneers then polished, leaving you with a natural and beautifully white smile.

This then, is how so many celebrities manage to achieve a perfect smile, but you don’t have to be a celebrity to be able to afford it. Cosmetic dentistry has become more and more affordable over the years and can now be accessed by those on a more moderate income.  To help you achieve a perfect smile with veneers, we offer a selection of finance payment plans which can enable you to spread your payments over a period of time at low or no interest, depending on the plan you select.

A customised smile

It is worth mentioning that if anyone is deterred from having veneers because they think that the whiteness of some celebrity’s teeth looks unnatural, it doesn’t have to be that way. Although it is true that some people will want a brilliant white smile, many of our patients who have them opt for a more moderate whiteness which they feel looks more natural, whilst still improving the appearance of their teeth. We will discuss the level of whiteness required during your consultation and offer our professional advice so that you get the smile that you are looking for!

If you would like to see how veneers can help to improve your smile, why not book a cosmetic dental consultation at our Addlestone practice? You can do so by calling the Sync Dental Centres today on 01932 856541. Our team is on hand to take your call!

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