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, Treat your teeth to a spring clean after Easter

Treat your teeth to a spring clean after Easter - Dentist Surrey

, Treat your teeth to a spring clean after EasterEaster is just around the corner, but before you tuck into those chocolate eggs and easter bunnies, take a moment to discover the relevance of giving Easter eggs. Afterwards, treat your teeth to a spring clean by booking a direct hygiene appointment or a check-up with our dentists in Surrey.

Eggs are a symbol of fertility and rebirth in many cultures around the world. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Easter eggs are given and associated with the holiday which honours the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The relevance of eggs is also believed to be part of an early Anglo-Saxon festival called Eostre that celebrated Spring, where people ate eggs, and buried eggs in the ground to encourage fertility. Other egg references include the rules for fasting during Lent, where no animal products can be consumed, so people would hard boil eggs, store them and distribute them later, especially to the poor.

According to Time Magazine, in the late 1800s and early 1900s, people began giving colourful Easter eggs to children instead of the poor or the church. This tradition continues today, with children and adults still receiving eggs on Easter, often of the chocolate variety. This sweet & sugary tradition leads us nicely into why keeping up your dental hygiene appointments is so vital!

, Treat your teeth to a spring clean after Easter

Prevention is better than cure

It’s important to take care of your teeth regularly instead of waiting until there’s a problem or you’re in pain. We will keep your oral health at its optimal peak by offering regular dental check-ups with our friendly team. We will fully assess your mouth, teeth, and gums for any issues. We make sure the check-up is thorough to reduce the need for further treatments and to lower the risk of future dental issues.

We will check your past dental work like fillings, bridges, and crowns to make sure they are working properly. If we see any problems with your teeth or mouth, we will create a plan for treatment that fits your needs. This will include different options and costs.

, Treat your teeth to a spring clean after Easter

Dental hygiene appointments

After all those Easter eggs, why not get a nice tooth clean with our dental hygienists. Scaling and polishing is one of our top hygiene treatments, that removes tartar and gives your teeth a really deep clean.

Our eagle-eyed hygienists will inspect your gums for any signs of disease which, if left untreated, can cause significant problems such as gum disease, tooth loss or even damage to your jawbone.  They also routinely perform another potentially life-saving check when they look for signs of mouth cancer – an increasingly prevalent disease that is so much easier to treat if caught early.

Our hygienists are also excellent dental educators and keep a close and experienced eye on your oral health. They will show you teeth cleaning techniques, including how to use handy dental tools to keep every part of your mouth clean and fresh. They can also offer dietary advice, so you’ll know exactly what tooth friendly treats to snack on.

, Treat your teeth to a spring clean after Easter

Remove stubborn stains with super-powered Airflow

If your teeth have stains and you want to try the latest in dental hygiene techniques, why not treat yourself to a mouth freshening, deep cleaning experience with Airflow – a highly focused jet of water, air and bicarbonate powder that will gently remove stains on the teeth.

The compressed water and fine powder are projected onto the surface of the teeth to remove any offending debris and return your shiny enamel to its former glory. As it propels such a fine jet, it can sneak into those awkward tight spaces between your teeth. The procedure is pain-free and lasts approximately 30 minutes. It allows you to leave our dental practice with a whiter, brighter smile that you will be proud to show!

Dental hygienists aren’t just in the business of maintaining healthy mouths. Poor gum health and periodontal disease have also been linked to several diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes, so it pays to make sure your mouth is as clean as it can be. As dental hygiene can have a significant effect on the rest of your body, it’s important to book in with your hygienist – book your appointment today!

Available at Addlestone, Chertsey, Parkside and Pyrford.

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