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, The Cost Of A Brand New Smile?

The Cost Of A Brand New Smile? - Dentist Surrey

A look at financial aspects of cosmetic dentistry

Most dentists will have heard patients say that they would dearly like to have nicer looking teeth but that cosmetic dentistry treatments are too expensive. It is true that these treatments are not available on the NHS and therefore, without any government subsidy, the full treatment has to be paid for by the patient.

This doesn’t mean that they are unaffordable though, and patients sometimes tend to look at the ‘headline’ price rather than the benefits they will gain over a long period of time. Like many other dental practices, the Sync Dental Centres also offers a range of payment plans that helps to spread the cost of any treatments to make them more affordable.

Before we look at a few examples, it is worth asking yourself why you want to have the treatment in the first place. In the vast majority of cases, it is because you are unhappy with the way that your teeth look at the moment. This is often less about vanity and more about how you feel about yourself and the knowledge that a confident white smile may be more attractive in certain circumstances. This clearly applies in social situations but research also suggests that a nice smile can be beneficial in work situations such as an interview.

Let us take a look then, at three of the main cosmetic dental treatments that we offer our Addlestone patients.

Teeth Whitening

This is a treatment that is very accessible for a lot of patients. We offer a range of affordable  teeth whitening treatments designed to improve the whiteness of your teeth, depending on their current levels of discolouration. These are customised to your own needs and are provided in kits so that you can whiten your teeth at home.

The trays that carry the whitening gel are made from scans and impressions that we take of your teeth. These ensure a comfortable and safe fit. The trays are yours to keep which means that although the initial outlay is a little more expensive; for those who wish to whiten their teeth in an ongoing manner, the only thing that you have to pay for future whitening sessions is the gel which currently costs just £80. This means that for those who wish to maintain white teeth over a period of time, this is a very affordable option.

Dental Veneers

Some patients may have teeth that have become badly discoloured and stained. Whilst these can still be improved with a teeth whitening procedure, it may not be to the degree that the patient had hoped for. In this case, dental veneers are a possible solution.

One issue for patients is that veneers are more expensive than a teeth whitening procedure, but we would encourage those who are interesed to consider the long term benefits. Once they have been fitted, and providing that they are looked after correctly, they can last for ten years or more. In addition to that, unlike a teeth whitening procedure, where results will gradually fade, your veneers are non porous and should not stain, remaining white throughout their lifespan.

Dental Implants

For our Addlestone patients who have teeth missing, dental implants are sometimes seen as the ideal solution; but one that is quite expensive. There is no getting away from the fact that this isn’t a cheap treatment. The combination of materials and the skills required to carry out this procedure does mean that they are not instantly affordable for everyone. But again, it does pay to think long term with dental implants. Given that having teeth implants is a one off treatment, providing they are well cared for, this should be your only cost other than periodic check ups.

Dental implants can last for twenty years if looked after, and quite often a lot longer. When you consider the cost and their longevity, this puts the investment into context. Alternatives such as dentures also often need ongoing care and repair and this should be factored in when comparing.

We know and understand that despite all of this, the initial outlay for a treatment such as this can pose a challenge for many people’s budget. To help you to spread this, we offer a selection of payment plans which allow you to pay over a period of time with low or even zero interest, depending on the plan you choose. When you see your dentist for a consultation, they will be pleased to discuss these with you in more detail.

In summary, don’t be deterred from having a beautiful smile because of the cost. Please think about the long term benefits and talk to us about the payment options available at the Sync Dental Centres. You can call us for more information or to arrange an initial consultation on 01932 856541 – we’ll be pleased to help!

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